Airplant Terrarium

Airplant Terrarium

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What's an airplant, you ask? In the tillandsia family, it's a type of bromeliad that absorbs water and nutrients from moisture and tiny particles in the air. In nature, it grows by clinging to the trunks and branches of other trees, but we've captured a tiny specimen that looks right at home in a chic geometric terrarium. 

Other famous tillandsias? Spanish Moss! Other famous bromeliads? Pineapples! And what do you call a plant that grows on other plants in a non-parasidic manner, absorbing water and nutrient from the air? An epiphyte! You're going to crush it at Trivia tonight :-).

Care for your airplant with a mist of water, or a quick bath if they're looking gray or soft - let it fully submerge in water for 20-30 minutes, then allow to dry fully. They like bright indirect light. Terrarium measures 5" across by 8.5" tall. A loop at the top lets you hang it in the window, or it can sit on a table top.

 Our plants are guaranteed to last a month, after that - you're on your own!