Hi! I’m Christen.

I started Hedonia Flowers in 2017 because of two reasons:

  1. I love flowers. And after a decade of working as a floral designer, buyer, design consultant, and product manager, I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge about them. Including, how to make pretty things with them.

  2. I love people. And I love sharing my knowledge with them, especially when it comes to helping them navigate the rather opaque and inefficient wedding industry. Most of all, I love thinking of ways to make the whole experience of wedding planning less of a drag, and more of a joy.

Thus, Hedonia was born.

A few things that make us different from our other friends in the floral business:

  • We’re a small studio, so you get our full attention from the very start. Did you know some of the larger florists in Chicago can have over 30 weddings in a single weekend?

  • We’re not afraid to talk numbers. We’re for total price transparency and for helping you get the best value for your money, even if that means we get less of it.

  • Communication: Quick, friendly, and reliable. The basics, really!

  • Inclusivity. Because love is for everyone.


A little about me…

  • Hometown: Boston, but I’ve lived in Chicago for about 6 years.

  • Alma maters: Northwestern (Kellogg MBA & MS in Design Innovation) & UMass Amherst

  • Family: My husband and our cat Basil. Here he is being punished for eating the roses.

  • Hobbies: Birdwatching, video games, camping, flea markets, nautical disaster stories

  • Drink of choice (highbrow): Negroni. I love campari!

  • Drink of choice (lowbrow): Iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Sugar-free french vanilla, milk, & 2 splendas

  • Favorite flower: Coral charm peonies.

Studio Lounge.jpg

the studio at Hedonia Flowers

Come by for a wedding consultation or just to chat!

We’re at 2900 S Wallace St., Chicago, IL 60616


Weddings. Fun. Beauty. Joy. Life. The end.